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Hey guys! For anyone who's interested I had the great opportunity to have some of my art published on the Play Station Network by Disruptive Publishers!
Thanks so much for all the support, have a great new year everyone~

Play Station: store.sonyentertainmentnetwork…

*Edit:* Thanks so much for the premium membership :iconwoeky: and :iconheidi:!!

Featured Wallpapers:
Goldfish_Girl by Unodu
Phoenix_Demoness by Unodu
OC_Tory Sun by Unodu
Enter_the_inferno by Unodu
Overseer by Unodu
Hey everyone, since CGhub closed down on me when I barely just joined... I'll be moving to some now art spots. Tumblr was one that many people requested I join. I also joined DrawCrowd, but I will mostly be sticking with Blogspot and Deviantart. 

As many of you know, I stopped submitting as much art as I used to, and my style has differed. I hope to put the time I have into creating more detailed art, so quality over quantity! I also feel I should expand my reaches and test out other art sites. I will mostly be posting my progresses on Blogspot, occassionally on Tumblr. My Deviantart and DrawCrowd will only be for finished pieces. I hope Blogspot and Tumblr makes up a little for all those who have asked me for tutorials. 
Come join me at:




I am terrible at personalizing my blogs so please bear with the simplicity~ 


As you guys can see I am gradually changing my art style, trying to merge into the gaming industry. Sadly drawing anime does not bring a lot of job opportunities here in Canada. But I gotta say I love both worlds.
I can't promise much more anime-only art, as many of you have come to know me by. But I will keep drawing and updating whenever possible. 

I'm more likely going to post on my blog now, as I keep a lot of Works in Progress updates there, instead of splurging everyone's DA Messages with my sketches and junk. 
Ah and yes.. my journal background and images all disappeared because they were too old or something. I'm not sure. So I am just going to have a plain white one for simplicity's sake. At least it's easy to read haha.

:) Hope everyone is okay! Thank you all for your support~

For those who've always asked me for a tutorial.. I'm sorry I don't have one, but I do have some "progress" shots of my work being slowly put together. Hopefully that will be helpful to some who have asked me how I draw/color. Although these are mostly my new attempts at drawing line-less art. I am probably making endless amounts of mistakes :P 


Journal Entry: Mon Feb 11, 2013, 11:59 AM
Hmmmm so I finally joined my friends in making a Blogspot thing... still have no idea what I'm doing on it. But I guess why not haha...

Uhmmm not much to say, I guess I'll be posting smaller things on blogspot. Roughs and such!

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Name change and animation!

Journal Entry: Thu Nov 29, 2012, 12:26 PM
Sooo... after wanting to change my display name for like.. 2 years... i JUST found out I could. haahaha I should have tried more often, instead of 2 years ago. But yeah! i wanted Nodu but it was already taken (sad face). So now it's Unodu. You no do. hahaha
So yeah! :D I wanted something shorter and not too related to food anymore. Udon. Nodu.

: ) this year in school we're making animations so... hopefully I can get a short clip out soon before christmas break. Just like a 4 second clip of what I've done so far.
I'm also doing a side-animation with my character Jonah and Adelle, but it's still in rough.
I will upload it with the other animations. ^_^


Saw Wreck it Ralph last weekend... sooo cute dammit.
Gives me cavities

Thanks everyone for your support! coughsorryforcompletelydelayingcalendarcough ;_ ;
too many things to do!! draw. game. eat. sleep. draw. game. eat. sleep. : ]


btw whoever knows After Effects and Flash, have any techniques or effects you wanna share? :) I'm looking up some online but if anyone has hands-on experience that'd be great! I know the basics haha
here's some effects I want in my short 2D film:

-fire burning paper effect
-gradual transparency in centre
-masking an area (you know Hell Girl's kimono? The patterns dont' move even though the animation of her kimono moves)
-water particles or snow particles that glow
-leaf shadows on moving character (like a mask?)
-2d water ripple effect
-leaves moving in wind (not hand-animated, but rather... animated by pulling edges?)
-and otheres that I can't think of atm

I've got some friends who know, and teachers who can help, but some ideas from the Deviantart community would be great : )

I hope everyone has a great Christmas and New Years!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Fall in love contest

Journal Entry: Tue Oct 9, 2012, 9:28 PM
For those interested in video, photography and art, check out this contest! <<<<<<<<<<<<<



We pick a theme, you take a photo, record a video, or draw a picture. Use your creativity and tell us what FALL IN LOVE means to you. Winners for each contest (Photo, Video, and Artwork) win a $50 cash prize and a profile on our #fallinlove Wall-of-Fame! This will be posted at

This contest ends on the last day of Fall (December 20, 2012), so get cracking!


1. Take a photo, record a video, or draw a picture and edit using any mobile app (see below for tips to get started).

2. Upload your item to Instagram, Twitter, or Viddy. You must mention @bewithreason and tag #fallinlove.

3. You must Like Us on Facebook, Follow us on Twitter and Instagram.

4. That's it!


Participants can only use mobile devices (including    smartphones and tablets). No DSLRs! :)
Participants can submit unlimited photos/videos/artwork.

Here are some apps that can help you get started but feel free to use any app that helps make your work come to life! Use your creativity!

Artwork apps:
Color Tilt  - - Drawcast - Brushes 3 - ASketch - iGraffiti - iDoodle

Video apps
Viddy - Socialcam - Magisto - TiltShift Video - SloPro - FiLMic Pro - 8mm Vintage - iMajiCam- Vimeo

Photo apps:
Instagram - Photoshop Express - Ezy Watermark - iPhoto - Filterstorm - Camera+ - Pixlr-O-Matic - Snapseed - Photo FX Ultra - PicsPlay Pro - FX Photo Editor   

Have fun and good luck!


Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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